About Us

Our vision at Lowerhouse is to inspire a lifelong love for learning. We want our children to learn to love learning. We do this in many ways. We make the curriculum engaging and inspiring. We support and encourage our children to take risks and be adventurous in their learning and we provide extremely high quality teaching and support for children.


We have six aims at Lowerhouse Junior School. These six aims encapsulate everything that we feel is important to create the optimum conditions for teaching and learning and to provide the absolute best standards of education for children.

  1. LEARNING – Children will be enriched and challenged through inspiring and enjoyable learning opportunities.
  2. RESPONSIBILITY – Children will develop a positive sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline.
  3. PARTNERSHIP – We provide an open and welcoming partnership between school, home and the community.
  4. ACHIEVEMENT – We ensure that children achieve high standards and reach their full potential in all areas of learning.
  5. LEARNABILITY – We provide innovative and high quality teaching which empowers children to become investigative and independent learners.
  6. NURTURE – We provide a supportive, secure and happy environment which values individuals and their contributions.

We believe that our adopted school prayer sums up the aims and ethos of our school.

This is our school,

Let peace dwell here,

Let the room be full of contentment,

Let love be here,

Love of mankind,

Love of life itself,

And love of God.

Let us remember that as many hands build a house

So many hearts make a school.

Lowerhouse – Inspiring a lifelong love for learning!