This half term our topic has been Rock and Roll!

To start, we looked at the work of Robert Hooke and his sketches of fossils. We worked hard sketching lots of different fossils using photos and real life sources! We developed these sketches into designs that we turned into prints using a relief method.

In our topic lessons we have been looking into volcanoes, in particular the Ring of Fire. We studied the layers of the Earth and how plate tectonics can cause volcanoes to form. We looked and different types of volcanoes and how differences in viscosity and pressure can alter the type of eruption a volcano can produce and the aftermath of an eruption.

To top off our topic work we visited Bring ya willies. We had great time learning about rock types and how fossils and rocks are formed. We also had lots of amazing topic challenges from Volcanoes to Mammoths!

We also used our ICT sessions to develop our research skills by researching facts on the life of Robert Hooke.

In literacy we have been looking at discussion texts and have been making arguments and debates for whether it was better to live in the Stone Age or the Modern Age.

For our Numeracy this half term we have been looking at fractions. While tricky, Mars has been working hard at cracking them.

Well done everyone!