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Over the past half term, our topic has been ‘Survival of the Fittest’.

In our studies of survival, in Science we looked at how animals adapt to their environment. For example, did you know that camels have pads on their feet and tummy to stop the sand from burning their feet when they walk and from their tummies burning when they have a rest? The children then chose their own Antarctic animal and created a very informative explanation of how their chosen animal adapts to the cold climate of Antarctica.  

The children learnt that birds have different beaks depending on their diet, the size of their legs and wings also depend on their diet and the texture of their feathers depend on where they live. We then used this knowledge to create our own birds.

In art we focused on how animals camouflage in their environment. We looked t the artist Henri Rousseau. Here are some of the children's pastel designs.

In class, we combined Literacy and topic together as we looked at the novel ‘Running Wild’ by Michael Morporgo. This book is based on a young boy and an elephant trying to survive in a forest after a tsunami takes place. Focussing on the description of different natural disasters, the children then wrote their own survival story.