This half term, Neptune has taken a trip into outer space to have a closer look at our planet, moon and the sun! The children have been learning all about ‘Earthlings’ and have been very enthusiastic throughout the topic, which can be seen in our fantastic artwork and personal learning challenges.

We have been learning about the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon, investigating how long it takes our planet to orbit the Sun, and the Moon to orbit Earth. We showed this by drawing a detailed diagram which also led us to discover why we have day and night.


As well as this, we put on our thinking caps and examined the evidence collected through time in support of flat earth and spherical earth theory! We wrote about our opinions and why we thought the evidence for spherical earth was the most convincing!


In science, we conducted experiments to create ‘craters’ (like the ones on the surface of the moon and other planets) using different sized balls and trays of flour. We worked in groups to measure the sizes of the craters based on different variables such as how high the ball was dropped from.

Using our knowledge of the different textures created by craters and mountains on a planet’s surface, we experimented with different materials to produce our own textured surface. Once they were dry, we painted our surfaces, taking inspiration from artists such as Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky, Jean Miro, and Mark Rothko whose artwork we have looked at in class. 

To finish off this topic (as well and starting off our next adventure) we will be visiting the Museum of Science and Industry to learn all about forces such as gravity and take a look at what a future living alongside robots might be like...
Our theme for next half term is ‘Inventors and inventions!’ Could the next Thomas Edison be amongst us!?