Please read our Learning Letter fo find out what we will be working on this half term:

This half term, we have been learning all about inventors and inventions. The children discovered how early events in Baghdad and the Islamic Golden age influence more recognisable and popular inventions, such as the aeroplane, the telephone, cameras and many more. They also learnt how Europe went through The Dark Ages during this period, but eventually experienced the Renaissance.

In Science, the children had been learning first hand all about Forces. The children designed and tested their own parachutes and boats in order to learn more about air and water resistance.

Unfortunately, because of the snow, we had to postpone our trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, although this has been rearranged for the summer term.

In Literacy, we linked our class novel (Fantastic Frankie and the Brain Drain Machine) to our class topic. Using the book as a guide, the children produced a number of excellent pieces of creative writing. Many of them also brought in Personal Learning Challenges which were of a terrific standard.


The children will be ending the term looking at how to design a motorised vehicle. They will be putting skills learned in science together with their DT skills.




This, I’m sure will be a terrific experience for them, and hopefully one that they may put to good use in the future.