Hello everyone and welcome to Saturn! Well to our web page at least.

We have been looking at rocks and soils in our topic and have looked back at the history of the earth. Did you know that Britain wasn’t always an island? We used to be joined to the rest of Europe by ice called “Doggerland” until a massive landslide in Norway sent a tsunami that flooded the ice and made us into an island. Britain was also once covered in trees known as the “Wildwood”. Some of the oldest trees have been around for a very long time especially the yew tree which you can find growing in grave yards.







There have been some wonderful personal learning challenges their half term including models of erupting volcanoes, an earthquake simulation, a cave complete with Stone Age man and some home-made fossils!

We have created some wonderful pictures of fossils by close observation drawing and even created a printing tile and pattern of a fossil which we then embellished using sweet wrappers. The children were all very happy when their extra homework was to eat more sweets so that we would have enough wrappers to use!

In literacy we have been writing discussion texts and have been debating whether it is better to live now or in the Stone Age. What do you think?

In numeracy we have been working hard on solving problems with fractions which has been very tricky at times.

Our RE focus has been on Christianity and the church. We have written job interviews for the disciples and have look at the life and work of Desmond Tutu.

Well done Saturn for all your hard work.