In Mathematics this term the children will study multiplication and division. We will learn to multiply numbers up to 4 digits by a one- or two-digit number using a formal written method, including long multiplication for two-digit numbers. We will also multiply and divide numbers mentally, drawing upon known facts. After this, we will learn to divide numbers with up to 4 digits by a one-digit number using the formal written method and interpret remainders appropriately for the context. Other than this, we will be learning to multiply and divide whole numbers and decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1,000. We will also be applying our learning to fluency and problem solving questions to allow the children to develop their understanding and further apply this to different real life contexts.



In English this half term the children will be covering three units of work. We will look at classic narrative poetry using the works of J.R.R Tolkien as a basis for the children’s own writing. We will also be completing a unit on stories with historical settings using ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as the basis of our writing before writing our own version!  We will be using drama, story boards and story mountains to plan and write our very own stories. We will then move onto our last English unit where we will be studying the story of Scrooge and creating play scripts based on this.


Topic & Science

We will start off our topic by taking a journey around the world, visiting farms in temperate, tropical and Mediterranean climates. We will learn all about locational language used to describe locations around the world. We will also learn about the climate conditions in a range of different biomes, how food is produced, traded and transported and how ‘Fairtrade organisations’ help farmers. We will then move onto our science focus  ‘Changes of Materials' which is jam-packed full of practical activities and scientific enquiries to help us all understand the differences between a variety of materials and how materials can be mixed and dissolved. Here, children will also learn about reversible and irreversible changes. Finally, we will move onto our DT focus, where we will be researching and creating our own snack! The children will be looking at and tasting food sourced from around the world. Also, we will be using our knowledge about farming to create our own snack.



DT enrichment day! Our classroom will turn into a factory as we will be creating our own new snack product! We will be doing research to find ideas for a new snack and tasting foods to gain a better understanding about food, it’s packaging and where it is sourced. From this, our new snacks will be submitted to the Farmvention ‘Truly British Snack’ competition.

In addition to this, the Health and Wellbeing officer, Ms Griffiths, from Burnley FC will be working with us up until Christmas. She will be teaching us about the benefits of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

Finally, during music, a special teacher from Lancashire’s Music service will be teaching the children how to play the violin!