In maths this half term we will be focusing on multiplication, division, fractions and percentages. By the end of this half term children should be able to convert between fractions and percentages and use mental and written methods for multiplication and division. Children will continue to use their skills in addition and subtraction including mental and written methods of whole numbers and decimals.  Children should now know both multiplication and division facts for all timestables. ALL children will have a target linked to these skills. Please ask your child about their targets.  If your child is not able to recall multiplication and division facts, support will be given at school but help at home would be appreciated.  All children will continue to complete arithmetic exercises as part of their maths homework. 


This half term we will study the classic novel ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum. The children will use different grammar skills throughout this unit and create their own new character to continue the adventure in this classic novel.  We will also look at persuasive techniques; this will be linked to our topic theme of Britten’s Got Talent. Children will continue to practise Year 6 statutory spelling words. A list of the year 6 words now form part of your child’s weekly homework. It is vital that children are able to spell these words before they finish Year 6.


In science we will explore light and recognise that light appears to travel in straight lines. Children will be extending their experience of light by looking at a range of phenomena including rainbows, colours on soap bubbles, objects looking bent in water and coloured filters.


This half term our topic is called Britten’s Got Talent. We will be looking closely at the work done

by Benjamin Britten and how this has shaped pop music today. Many artists have been inspired by music too; Wassily Kandinsky made a whole series of paintings based on his reactions to

music. Children will study this artist plus many more and create their own art work linked to the mood of a piece of music.