At Lowerhouse Junior School our school motto is Inspiring a lifelong love for learning. We

aim is to achieve this through an exciting curriculum that is inspiring, challenging , meaningful and inclusive for all pupils. A curriculum which aims to provides all learners with the skills to be successful, independent and motivated learners. This curriculum is further enriched by our strong ethos based on respect for ourselves and others. 

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Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Recipe

We will try to provide a curriculum which includes:

  • Units of work 6/7 weeks long
  • An engaging unit title
  • Focus texts that are linked to the unit
  • 1st hand visitor or visit experience
  • Use of the outdoors
  • Discrete/thematic teaching
  • Creative starters to lessons
  • Enterprise projects
  • Life skill lessons


Our Reading Pledge

  • Engage and interest
  • A link with a contrasting locality
  • Emphasis on skills
  • A focus on well-being
  • Inclusion of learnability
  • Retain a focus of accountability
  • High standards and achievement
  • Clear link to writing genres
  • Inclusion of modern foreign languages