After School Activities


Sign Language Club - Miss Bruty

During sign language children will look at the BSL alphabet.  They will learn how to spell their name and build up 'signs' to be able to have a conversation with a deaf person.

We will also explore the 'signs' for colours, animals, weather, food and drink.  Children will play a variety of interactive games to further enhance their sign language knowledge.


The after school club timetable changes each term and children are asked which clubs they would like to attend.

Nature Club - Mrs McMeekin

In nature club have fun working in teams to develop useful skills and learn about nature.  We have already planted so spring bulbs in the environmental area which visitors will be able to see from inside the school hall.

Grammar Guru Club - Mrs Webster

Despite only being back two week the Year 6 children at Lowerhouse Junior school have been busy already.

Every Thursday after school , the Year 6 children are getting together to have fun with a grammar twist!




This week they looked at punctuation. Could you describe a full stop to an alien?

The children created crosswords explaining all the different types of punctuation.

As you can see from the photographs the children had a great time.




Please revisit this page soon. 

We will soon have new photographs and information about some of our new clubs:


  • Chart Music for Fun
  • Maths & Science Club
  • Computing club.


 Reading for Fun - Summer 2017 Photographs