Sports Updates

Here we have a document showing you where you could go outside of school if you are interested in taking up a sport including Tennis, Gymnastics, Dance etc. Click Here 



Cricket Tuesday 13th June

Results:    LLWWWL

Team:       Jayden Mc, Brandon T, Leighton T, Max G, Katie W, Maisy G, Harley H,  

Report:    After a slow start in the 1st game, where some of the opposite team had some 'big hitters', we competed in a very close second game but unfortunately just missed out. But we followed this up by winning the next 3 games comfortably. Unfortunately after building in confidence we ended the day losing the last game. Overall we had a great day (with the weather holding off) and got better as the day went on. 

By Mr Hindman

Rounders Wednesday 21st June

Results:    LLLL

Team:       Jayden Mc, Leighton T, Markus V, Brandon T, Maisy G, Lexie B, Ruby C, Darryl

Report:    Unfortunately, we were unable to win a game the children still had a great time playing rounders at Hameldon. Some even got frustrated at themselves for making mistakes. The children behaved brilliantly and were a credit to the school. 

By Mr Hindman