Sports Updates

Here we have a document showing you where you could go outside of school if you are interested in taking up a sport including Tennis, Gymnastics, Dance etc. Click Here 



Yr 3/4 Tag Rugby Tuesday 15th May

Results:    N/A For Fun

Team:       Matilda N, Theo R, Max W, Bracken L, Emily T, Austin S

Report:    These children's performances were outstanding. We only had 6 players after a few drop outs and they had to play game after game against 7 opponents each game. It was only at the end when the organisers noticed we had one less player on ou  well during this friendly Netball match. They came out of the blocks very well scoring 5 of the 9 points in the 1st quarter. All children were a  credit to the school and gave there best til the end.  

By Mr Hindman

Football Vs Holy Trinity Tuesday 15th May

Results:    W 3-1

Team:       Jayden McE, Leighton T, Archie H, Joe M, Liam P, George G

Report:    A fantastic performance and a fantastic win! was a great performance all around especially since it was so warm. I couldn't fault the boys effort in any area of the pitch. We were comfortable in attack, when pushing forward, and solid at the back when defending. Next up Ightenhill. 

By Mr Hindman


Orienteering Monday 21st May

Results:    A: 80     B: 90    C: 70

Team:       Molly McG, Harrison C, Jake E, Amelia A, Matthew A, Harlea-Mai C

Report:    The children above attended a morning at Towneley Park and competed in an Orienteering event. During the event the children were split into a boy and girl pair. The pairs were set off at different times and had to find as many of the 20 points on the map as they could withing a 20 minute time frame. The children really enjoyed themselves. I would also like to say a massive thanks to Amelia's mum for kindly helping with transport to and from the event. As well as to Matthew's Grandma who generously bought the children a refreshment after they had competed.  

By Mr Hindman