Weekly Awards

Presented at Friday Family Assembly


The class with the highest % attendance last week was:

Saturn with 98.8%

Merit Awards

This week's winners are:

Henry B-S - Bronze

George G - Bronze

Liam P - Bronze

Liam P - Silver

Ellie H - Silver

Dante E - Silver

Lola T - Silver

Ethan B - Silver

Emily-Jae S - Gold


Pen Licences

The following children have earned their Pen Licence:

Elle W - Saturn


Gold Award

Pupils who have achieved gold on the traffic light this week:

Elle W - Saturn

Crimson F - Saturn

Isabel H - Saturn

Ebony W - Mars

Emmie Gray - Mars

Lexi F - Jupiter

Callum S - Jupiter

Theo R - Jupiter

Sam R - Jupiter

Emilly T - Jupiter

Summer C - Earth

Scarlett S - Earth

Harry H - Neptune

Ella C - Mercury

Lewis M - Mercury

Jayden M - Mercury

Ruby C - Venus

Weekly Badge Winners Below - Well Done


Emmie G, Ebony W, Phynley W, Zac B


Sonny W, Isabel H, Tiffany C, Courtney P


Bracken Leigh L, Theo R, Callum S, Sam R


Stanley S, Lexie G, George W, James C


Libby C, Ruby G, Isaac W, Alex G


Harlea-Mai C, Leighton T, Jayden M, Lewis M


Oakley P, Elle-Jayde R, Markuss V, Ben B